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LaGrange Police Technology

The LaGrange Police Department is currently utilizing Mobile Data Terminals in patrol vehicles. The Mobile Data Terminals "MDT" for short are used for instant access to vehicle registrations, driver license information, stolen vehicle information, stolen property information, wanted and or missing persons information along with listings for current protection order information. The "MDT" utilized is the Panasonic CF-29 Toughbook and assists in greater Officer safety, along with assisting the public with greater levels of safety. The information is acquired through LEADS "Law Enforcement Automated Data System" which is a network utilized by law enforcement throughout the United States of America. Installed in each patrol vehicle are also in car video/audio systems. The camera systems "Mobile Vision" record both audio and video footage when Officers are engaged in traffic stops. The equipment assists in better evidence during court proceedings along with helping to deter civil liabilities.

The LaGrange Police Department also utilizes a organized bike patrol during seasonal weather. The bike patrol is used for community policing, extra patrol for LaGrange Community Park activities, and is in constant radio contact with all road units while in service.

The LaGrange Police Department also takes part in a newly designed web site www.lisaalerts.com. The web site has been designed and financed by The Lorain County Prosecutors Office. The web site (Lorain County Information Sharing Agreement) has been implemented to assist both law enforcement agencies and the general public to impact crime in our county. Tips can be submitted to the web site by the public to assist law enforcement in apprehending criminals or by supplying information that may assist in prosecution of criminal cases. The web site is also used by agencies in Lorain County to alert each other instantly of crimes that have been committed, thus making locating suspects more efficient and effective. With your help we can make Lorain County a safer place to live. For more information on The Lisa web site see the link on our links page or simply click on the web site name above.


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