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The Village of LaGrange has purchased and implemented the Emergency Communications Network program called “CodeRED”. This system will notify Village residents of all types of emergencies and is used in Avon Lake and Sheffield at the present time. You can choose to be notified of emergency notifications, general notifications, weather notifications or all three.

Emergency notifications would include such things as a hostage or fugitive situation as occurred in the Pheasant Run area last year as well as closed roads, flooded streets, snow parking bans, and much more.

General notifications would include any general information of which village officials determined important for citizens to be informed about.

Weather notifications would include severe storms, tornadoes and flooding situations. The great thing about CODE RED is that it is specific for LaGrange. A tornado or thunderstorm warning would not be for “southern Lorain County”, it would be specific for the Village of LaGrange.

The CodeRED system is used to send critical communications, from evacuation notices to missing child alerts.

You may hear the last message delivered to your phone through the CodeRED system by simply dialing back the number on your Caller ID.

To ensure you receive notifications, go to the sign-up link below and enter your contact information, including multiple phone numbers, text and email addresses.

Your contact information remains private and will only be used for community notifications. Village officials will keep no record of these phone numbers or email addresses. Your privacy is important to us and will be kept in the CodeRED data base.

Click on this logo to sign up now!!

NOTE: This system is available for LaGrange Village residents only. Township residents may not sign up due to the fact that the LaGrange Trustees opted out of the program. Village residents will also receive a hard copy of the signup sheet in the mail if they would prefer to sign up using a paper format.


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